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About Our Child Anxiety Team

Our providers are all hired because they come to EBTCS with graduate and/or postgraduate specialist training in anxiety and related disorders. Once at EBTCS, they receive further specialist training, including at least one year of supervision by experts in anxiety, OCD, school refusal behavior, and related conditions. Our therapists have training and experience in a wide range of evidence-based treatments and are used to working with clients and families with complex symptoms. All of our providers attend regular, ongoing trainings to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in evidence-based care and value a science-based approach to treatment that is tailored to the needs of every individual and family.

Child Anxiety Team

Jennifer Tininenko, PhD
Director of the Child Anxiety Center

Child Anxiety Center

Kjersti Braunstein, MD
Co-Medical Director, Psychiatrist

Child Anxiety Center, DBT Center, Eating Disorders Center

Susanna Coco, PhD
Staff Psychologist

Child Anxiety Center

Danny O'Rourke, PhD, ABPP
Director of Training and Education

Child Anxiety Center, Eating Disorders Center

Karen Pang, PhD
Staff Psychologist

Child Anxiety Center

Ariel Ravid, PhD
Co-Director of Research and Outcomes Monitoring

Child Anxiety Center

Erika Ruberry, PhD
Staff Psychologist

Child Anxiety Center

Samantha Martin
Client Services Coordinator

Administration, Child Anxiety Center