EBTCS Psychiatrists believe that people get the best care when they have collaborative team treatment involving both medication management and therapy. For that reason, we prioritize working with people whose therapists are on our teams at EBTCS.  There are some times when limited space is available for people with therapists in the community for those who wish to inquire.

We offer telehealth services only for clients located in Washington State and when an individual’s personal situation is suited to this mode of treatment.

Typical Psychiatry Billing Codes

Initial Assessment – Billing CPT Code: 99205

Recurring Sessions – Billing CPT Code:
99213 (Low Complexity or 20-29 minutes)
99214 (Moderate Complexity or 30-39 minutes)
99215 (High Complexity or 40-54 minutes)

Additional Service Time – Billing CPT Code:
99417 (Prolonged office or other outpatient evaluation and management services)

Cancellation Policy:

EBTCS Psychiatry policy requires 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment for any reason. There is a late cancellation fee for any missed or cancelled appointment with less than 48-hour notice. If you have a contagious illness which might lead you to miss a visit, please call our office to inquire whether telehealth is available to help avoid a late cancellation charge.

Medication Refill Requests:

EBTCS Psychiatrists typically provide sufficient refills in each visit to make it to your next scheduled appointment. Refills requested between visits may take up to 48 business hours from your request to completion.** Contact your pharmacy or our office to request a refill. You may be required to reschedule or even attend any missed appointments before a refill is sent, depending on the circumstances of the needed refill.

**We ask for 48 business hours’ notice for all refill requests to avoid delays in processing your prescription. If a refill is needed more urgently and may require interruption of a provider’s sessions to be filled, you may be charged a fee for late notice**

Telehealth Services:

For scheduled telehealth appointments, please ensure you have the appropriate link at least a day before your appointment. Telehealth links for psychiatry appointments do not change. Please keep your link saved for all future scheduled appointments. If you misplaced the link for your appointment, please email the front desk at info@ebtseattle.com. Please note it may take a few hours for an administrative staff member to get back to you during business hours. If you miss an appointment because you can’t find your telehealth link, you will be charged for a missed appointment.