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If your child is suffering from an anxiety disorder they are not alone. Anxiety is a normal human experience; it helps protect us by alerting us to danger, and can even help us perform better in stressful situations. All children experience some anxiety, and most kids have some specific fears that differ in content as they grow older. Many childhood fears disappear naturally over time. However, if anxiety is beginning to disrupt a child’s ability to function, it is important for the child to learn skills to manage these feelings so that they can continue to move through the many challenges and tasks of childhood.

Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders are characterized by the presence of repetitive and intrusive thoughts or obsessions and/or repetitive or ritualized behaviors. Individuals with these symptoms often feel stuck in repetitive cycles of thoughts and behaviors that are very difficult for them to break out of. A number of different disorders make up this category of mental health concerns and although they share some similarities, they also have important differences that have implications for effective treatment.

The Child Anxiety Center has the largest concentration of specialists in obsessive-compulsive and related disorders in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, our treatment team has extensive experience in treating these problems, including working with individuals with very severe symptoms who may need a more intensive treatment approach.

Some children and youth have difficulty attending school due to anxiety or other reasons. This is often an issue that needs immediate attention due to the impact and distress it causes family and schools. Our team has specialist experience in treating this issue, which may require intervention for both parents and children.

We also treat a wide range of different problems that can be associated with anxiety including:

  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Enuresis/encopresis
  • Oppositional behavior and behavior problems

We offer evaluation and treatment for children and teens with ADHD!

Does your child or teen struggle with attention and/or impulsivity? We provide comprehensive diagnostic and learning assessments with recommendations for how to help at school and home.

We also offer treatment for children and teens who are either already diagnosed with ADHD or who are waiting for an assessment.

The age range we serve spans from children as young as preschoolers to teens who are starting college.


Our team of expert clinicians has the most experience treating anxiety disorders and OCD using evidence-based treatment protocols in the Pacific Northwest.

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Our intensive outpatient (IOP) program provides treatment for children and adolescents with severe OCD, school refusal, and other anxiety disorders. The goal of intensive treatment is to provide focused, highly structured, and individualized therapy.

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Our expert clinicians provide consultation services to both individuals who are interested in seeking care at EBTCS or would like help seeking appropriate services, and to other mental health providers who would like clinical consultation on a one-time or recurring basis.

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