EBTCS has a volunteer program that has a longstanding history of hiring exceptional volunteers as part of the administrative team. This is an exciting position for a person interested in clinical psychology, especially someone interested in pursuing graduate level study in psychology in the future.

The volunteer position consists of assisting with various administrative tasks, receiving exposure to best practices for a behavioral healthcare organization, and being a part of the EBTCS Research Team as a research assistant. Volunteers can also receive mentorship from EBTCS clinicians if they feel this would be beneficial to their academic and professional development.

Volunteers are required to work a minimum of 9 hours/week and make a 3 quarter (or 9 month) minimum commitment. Ideal candidates are those individuals who have a strong interest in psychology or mental health and who are detail oriented, reliable, familiar with psychological research methods, are proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, and have strong interpersonal skills and sensitivity to working with an outpatient client population.

The volunteer program at EBTCS has had great success providing a work environment that both advances undergraduate ambitions in the field of psychology and a springboard position for graduate school. To see a list of some of the individuals who have served in our volunteer program and the graduate programs they went on to attend, click here.

For questions or more information about volunteer positions at EBTCS, please contact Jennifer Sayrs, Ph.D.: info@ebtseattle.com.