Postdoctoral Fellow Spotlight: Eric Zaizar, PhD

What made you choose EBTCS for postdoc?
I was looking to complete my postdoc in a well-established anxiety disorders specialty clinic that provides ample support in the licensure process and a clear pathway toward employment. The Anxiety Center was the ideal choice for me, and I feel very grateful to have this opportunity.

What are you enjoying the most about postdoc right now?
I enjoy working with a team of clinicians who share my passion for helping others overcome anxiety disorders. I also really appreciate EBTCS’s emphasis on offering therapies that are firmly rooted in clinical science. The psychologists here are highly trained, intellectually curious, and committed to the continual updating of their practice based on scientific advances.

What is one of the biggest challenges of the fellowship so far?
Preparing for licensure and studying for the EPPP. EBTCS has been very supportive throughout this process, including reimbursement for the licensing application, testing fee, and test prep materials.

How have you found the work/life balance?
Excellent. I don’t work after 5 or on weekends. For postdocs, our caseloads are also relatively light while we work on the licensure process. In addition, there is a lot of flexibility with respect to working remotely or in the clinic. If I finish a day early, my supervisors don’t expect me to stick around for no reason. They have been very transparent about this. The overall culture of the clinic embraces flexibility.

What is one piece of advice you would give to applicants now that you’ve been through the process?
After dissertation defense, the match process, and starting internship, it can feel exhausting to have to start applications all over again. There is a lot of rapid change and uncertainty within a short timeframe which can contrast sharply with the predictability and consistency of the 5+ years of grad school that occurred before.  However, I think it is really important to stay focused on securing a postdoc/job that aligns most with your values and overall career aspirations. Persistence despite the application fatigue is key.

Is Seattle cool?
I love Seattle. Each neighborhood is distinct and interesting, oftentimes with a unique park or its own farmer’s market. Restaurants are also great, especially if you enjoy seafood. Breweries are also very good and there are also a lot of good places to try Washington wines. The surrounding mountains, lakes, old growth forests, temperate rainforests, and islands are also incredible. It is a cool city and a paradise for nature lovers.