Postdoctoral Fellow

DBT Center


Dr. Morgan Anderson is a postdoctoral fellow in the DBT Center at EBTCS.

Dr. Anderson first became interested in DBT through delivery of an intervention at the University of Washington that utilizes principles of DBT, acceptance and commitment therapy, and positive psychology to support undergraduate students’ wellbeing through and beyond college. She has since broadened her knowledge of DBT applications through work with adults, youth, and caregivers experiencing a wide range of symptoms including anxiety, depression, and substance use.

Dr. Anderson received her B.A. from Hofstra University in Early Childhood Development and Elementary Education. She received her Education Specialist degree and Ph.D. in School Psychology at the University of Washington. She completed her predoctoral internship with The School at Columbia University where she provided comprehensive school-based mental health services including intervention, assessment, and consultation.

Dr. Anderson has extensive experience in school-based mental health services and an enduring commitment to youth, family, school, and community partnerships. Relationship building is at the heart of her work, and Dr. Anderson seeks to empower individuals in the therapeutic process by elevating their strengths and identities. She also has a special interest in the intersection of mental health and technology, including the impact of social media and technology use on mental health symptoms, as well as the potential for technology to improve access to high quality care.