Business Consultant



Mr. Adler is a Business Consultant at EBTCS.

Micah Adler is a graduate of the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business with an emphasis on Healthcare Administration from UW School of Medicine. His interest in the field of psychology developed as a result of a research project on male adolescent violence in America after the Columbine incident. This project helped him not only understand various risk factors contributing to the epidemic of adolescent violence, but the importance of studying psychology and the positive impact research provides the mental health field.

While an undergraduate at University of Washington, Micah volunteered at the Behavior Research and Therapy Clinics (BRTC) under the direction of Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. He worked with the BRTC Data and Adherence Teams on specific studies that contributed to the advancement of DBT. Micah has worked in every administrative department at EBTCS: Scheduling, Intake, Billing & Reimbursement, Accounting, Budgeting, Research, Outcomes Monitoring, Payroll and HR. Micah started working at EBTCS in 2003 as a Client Services Coordinator, Clinic Coordinator then Director of Operations and served as the Chief Operating Officer from 2009-2016. Since working at EBTCS, he has presented at the annual ISITDBT conference and National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder on how to effectively manage an evidence-based treatment clinic in the private sector. He is also a consultant/trainer for Behavioral Tech and has presented throughout the country on best business practices for mental health clinicians. Since 2005, he has also served as the Senior Business Analyst at Valant, a behavioral healthcare operations and clinical management electronic medical record company. Over the last decade, Micah has provided both onsite and virtual practice management consultation to practices in almost every state in the United States, and in Canada and the Republic of Korea.

Micah’s interest is in providing excellent healthcare administration by bringing together knowledge of psychology and psychotherapy with best practices in management. He is committed to making mental health care more available to the community and has completed his MBA, with an emphasis on Health Administration, in order to help bring best business practices to the field of mental health.