Client Services Coordinator

Administration, DBT Center


Lydia is a Client Services Coordinator.

Lydia received her Bachelor of Arts Degree as a triple major in Psychology, Education Studies, and Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. She wrote her final senior essay on eating disorders in racing sports, connecting her qualitative research on Wesleyan’s racing teams to Feminist and Social Theory.

During her undergraduate studies, Lydia was a research assistant at Wesleyan’s Cognitive Development Lab. She worked on projects ranging from spatial awareness in children, the impact of colorblind parenting on children’s racial biases, to the role out of a math games curriculum to study children’s numeracy development.

Lydia would like to pursue a career in child and adolescent clinical psychology, with a specific interest in eating disorders and adolescent DBT. Lydia was also on the Women’s Rowing team for her 4 years at Wesleyan, informed by her love of being near water and playing sports. In her spare time, Lydia enjoys baking, hiking, and raising her two newly adopted kittens.