Weekly individual therapy

  • Highly tailored to each client’s needs. This may incorporate a variety of other evidence-based treatments depending upon the phase of treatment and individual needs. For example, clients might receive CBT for anxiety, behavioral activation for depression, CBT for binge eating, CBT for insomnia, prolonged exposure for PTSD and trauma, and a variety of other treatments within the DBT structure.

Weekly skills training

  • Typically in a group setting, where clients learn skills to manage intense emotions across a variety of situations.

Phone consultation

  • With an individual therapist outside of individual sessions, to help apply what is learned in therapy in the real world.

Daily diary cards

  • Logs you will keep regarding your treatment targets that are specifically tailored and help the client and therapist in a variety of ways.

Therapist attendance in a weekly DBT team meeting.

  • This meeting is aimed at improving therapists’ skill and adherence to the manual, while also providing a lot of support so our therapists can provide the most effective treatment possible. Research shows therapist adherence can improve client outcomes.

We also offer other optional services, including psychiatry, family meetings, parent training, mindfulness training, and others.