When you call our clinic, you will go through the following steps:

When you first call our Center, you will be asked a series of screening questions. These questions help us know if a program other than DBT might be a better fit for you.

You may ask for an optional consultation by phone or in person – this is a time to ask questions and speak to an expert in DBT before you start treatment.

If you are interested in DBT and we agree it’s likely going to be a good fit, you will be assigned an individual therapist. You will attend an intake appointment with this therapist, who will do a full assessment with you.

This intake appointment is part of pretreatment, a set of 1-4 appointments where your therapist orients you and together you figure out treatment goals and a plan.

At that point, your individual therapist will most likely assign you to a skills group.

You will attend individual therapy and skills group weekly for six months to a year.

You might graduate early if you are ready, or you might wish to stay longer, if you have additional treatment goals. You and your therapist will discuss when treatment will end.

If you attend our Intensive Outpatient Program, the sessions are consolidated but the elements of treatment are the same. Please see our DBT IOP page for more information.