DBT-STOP Skills Training Only Program

EBTCS is now offering a DBT skills group for people who are not in comprehensive DBT.
This may be for you if you are waiting to get into DBT or you just want to learn skills for dealing with
your emotions, interpersonal situations, and much more.

This skills group has the same curriculum as comprehensive DBT.

Attending a skills group has been shown to be enough DBT for some people –
and for others, it can be a helpful way to learn skills while waiting for the full treatment to start.

In order to participate, you must have a therapist you meet with weekly – but this does not need to be a DBT therapist and does not need to be an EBTCS therapist. You do not need to attend DBT at EBTCS after this skills group is complete.

The group meets Wednesdays 3-5pm via video conference. A six-month commitment is required.

Please let us know if you are interested: info@ebtseattle.com or 206-374-0109.