Interviews with Dr. Travis Osborne about anxiety and COVID

Dr. Travis Osborne, Director of the Anxiety Center at EBTCS, recently participated in several interviews related to coping with anxiety and related symptoms during COVID.

The first interview was part of a story for the local Seattle NPR affiliate (KUOW) on the impact of COVID on individuals with OCD. The story includes information from Dr. Osborne, as well as several individuals with OCD, about managing OCD symptoms during this challenging time.

Click here to read or listen to this story.

The second interview was part of an episode of the Wellbeing Podcast (UK) that focused on coping with COVID. In the first segment of the podcast. Dr. Osborne discusses how COVID can impact several different types of anxiety problems and provides recommendations for effective ways to cope with COVID-related anxiety.

Click below to listen to this episode of the Wellbeing Podcast.