We offer a range of other behavioral treatments, including behavioral activation (BA) for depression, behavioral parent training for parents who need assistance with managing a range of child/adolescent behavioral symptoms, as well as family coaching for family members who are trying to learn how to better support their loved ones with anxiety and related problems. We also provide diagnostic assessment services for individuals needing assistance with identifying the specific anxiety problems they are experiencing, as well as consultation services for family and friends of those with anxiety problems who would like to learn more about treatment options for their loves ones.

For some clients, treatment of anxiety also involves medication. The Child Anxiety Center has an child/adolescent psychiatrist on staff who can provide medication consultations, as well as medication treatment services.

Our wait is shorter than usual for our adult and teen intensive DBT programs!

The DBT Adult and Adolescent IOPs are comprehensive programs designed for individuals experiencing emotion dysregulation and who want to make rapid progress! Our current wait is shorter than usual. Call 206-374-0109 to screen today!