Kids - Child AnxietyThe Child Anxiety Center at EBTCS is a multidisciplinary specialty center devoted to the treatment of anxious children, adolescents and families. We love working with anxious young people and seeing them feel better and get back to just being kids! We provide therapy for individual kids and teens, work with their families, provide parent coaching and individual therapy for parents when needed, and can prescribe medication when indicated.

Our clinicians have specialized training in providing treatments for young people who are experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties associated with stress and anxiety. Often, this is an extremely specific treatment; for example, exposure and response prevention therapy is universally indicated as a first-line treatment if your child or teen is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).  If your child has been diagnosed with OCD and hasn’t had this treatment, a clinician at the Child Anxiety Center would typically begin with this approach. Other times, kids just need ongoing support from a good therapist to navigate the normal ups and downs associated with growing up. We offer evaluation and therapy for a wide range of common issues. We understand that anxiety often reaches beyond the individual child or adolescent and can impact entire families. Therefore, we offer individually tailored care that may involve multiple family members or multiple modes of treatment to achieve the greatest effectiveness.

Should I bring my child to see a clinician?

Unfortunately, most children do not see a therapist or psychiatrist until their anxiety has been causing difficulty for a long time. If your child is having trouble with school, asking for coaching or help with a problem, appearing upset more than usual, being withdrawn, or avoiding their normal social, family and school events, give us a call. It never hurts to talk with a qualified professional. As often as we urge parents to come in, we let them know when they don’t necessarily need to.

To learn more about our services, give us a call at (206) 374-0109. As an integrated team, we are dedicated to providing individually tailored, compassionate care that is informed by sound scientific evidence. We are united by our love of working with young people and our commitment to alleviating problems so that children and families can more fully enjoy their lives.


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