EBTCS was founded in 2002 by a group of three psychologists (Beatriz Aramburu, PhD, Anthony DuBose, PsyD, and Jennifer Sayrs, PhD) and one psychiatrist (David Lischner, MD). The organization started as a dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) center (the DBT Center of Seattle) with a mission of providing comprehensive adult and adolescent DBT (individual therapy, skills training, between-session coaching, and consultation team). Our first class of postdoctoral fellows began in 2003.

In 2005, Stacy Shaw Welch, PhD joined the center and founded the Anxiety and Stress Reduction Center of Seattle. At this time, the name of the organization changed to the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS) to reflect the organization’s expansion of services to include both DBT and treatment for anxiety disorders, as well as its commitment to providing science-based care. The organization also developed both a quality assurance program (the goal of which is to monitor client outcomes over the course of treatment) and a practice-based research program (the goal of which is to contribute to the science about how well evidence-based treatments work in “real world” settings).

The addition of ASRC led to significant growth within the organization over a several year period. As the center grew, so did the demand for providing more services for children and adolescents. As a result, in 2010 EBTCS formally created the Child and Adolescent Treatment Center of Seattle to provide evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders, as well as other clinical problems.

In 2011, Peter Doyle, PhD and Angela Celio Doyle, PhD joined EBTCS and founded the Eating and Weight Disorders Center of Seattle, which focuses on providing evidence-based treatment for eating disorders across the lifespan (children, adolescent, and adults). This expansion of EBTCS’ services has greatly expanded access to state-of-the art care for eating disorders in the Seattle area.

In 2014, EBTCS changed the names of its primary treatment centers to better reflect the services we provide. We still offer the same great care, just with new names! Our new center names include the DBT Center, the Anxiety Center, the Child Anxiety Center, and the Eating Disorders Center at EBTCS.

Although EBTCS has grown and changed significantly since its initial founding, its core value of providing excellent care in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment has not. EBTCS continues to be dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment to the clients we serve and is committed to staying at the cutting edge of the mental health field, both in terms of the care we provide and the research we conduct. We are proud to have been serving the Seattle and surrounding communities for over a decade.