Client Services Coordinator

Administration, Child Anxiety Center


Samantha is a Client Services Coordinator.

Samantha received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Washington (UW). During her freshman year at UW she worked as a research assistant at EBTCS. Her time at the clinic inspired her to explore the field of child clinical psychology. In this pursuit, she began teaching at the University Child Development School in their Extended Day Program. As an educator, she navigated dynamic and complicated interpersonal and family relationships to create a supportive environment for student growth. Samantha also volunteered at the UW Center for Child and Family Wellbeing as a research assistant in their SEACAP program, where she assisted with the testing and implementation of a program that taught mindfulness-based stress-management and self-regulation strategies to parents, with the goal of promoting social, emotional, and academic outcomes in children.

After completing her degree at UW, Samantha worked as a nursing assistant in Swedish Medical Center’s gynecological surgical/oncology unit. Working at bedside, she supported patients and families experiencing challenging diagnosis and trauma. During her time at Swedish, she became interested in psycho-oncology and other intersections between medical diagnosis and patient mental health.

With her research interests, Samantha plans to pursue a career in Clinical Child Psychology or Pediatric Psychiatric Medicine.