Staff Psychologist

DBT Center


Dr. Stroupe works with adults in the DBT Center.

Dr. Stroupe is a licensed psychologist with advanced training in providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy and specialized training in treatment of emotion dysregulation, self-harm, and suicidality, particularly in the context of a history of trauma.

Dr. Stroupe received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and her PhD from the University of Kansas. She then completed internship and postdoctoral fellowship in the Veteran Affairs medical system. It was on fellowship that Dr. Stroupe first developed a passion for DBT, because of its dual focus of accepting things just as they are and working to make meaningful change to build lives worth living. After leaving the VA system, she worked at the Portland DBT Institute, where she attended a DBT intensive training facilitated by Dr. Linda Dimeff. She also completed an advanced intensive on the provision of DBT-PE (DBT with Prolonged Exposure for treating PTSD) taught by the developer, Dr. Melanie Harned. Dr. Stroupe also has training in evidence-based treatments for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and PTSD, including behavioral activation (BA), prolonged exposure (PE), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), and cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and insomnia (CBT-I).

Dr. Stroupe is also passionate about providing LGBTQ+ affirmative care. While on internship, she created an LGBTQ+ support group for Veterans; while on postdoc, she created a support group for transgender and gender non-conforming Veterans. While on postdoc and on staff at the VA, she served as a member of a team responsible for providing training to VA teams nationwide on best practices in healthcare for transgender and gender non-conforming Veterans.

Dr. Stroupe is a licensed psychologist in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Colorado. Dr. Stroupe is also a member of PSYPACT with authority to practice interjurisdictional telepsychology (APIT).