Executive Director, Co-Director of the DBT Center

DBT Center


Jennifer Sayrs, PhD, ABPP is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS). At EBTCS, she also co-directs the DBT Center, one of the first DBT programs in the nation to be certified by the Linehan Board of Certification. She is the co-author of the book DBT Teams: Development and Practice, written with the DBT treatment developer, Dr. Marsha Linehan.

Dr. Sayrs completed her graduate training at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she studied DBT and behavioral theory, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Linehan at the University of Washington, where she was the clinical coordinator for Dr. Linehan’s DBT research clinic. She has served as a research therapist and adherence coder on several DBT trials; she is also a trainer for Behavioral Tech, providing a wide range of DBT workshops around the world.

In addition to more than 25 years of experience providing DBT, she also provides CBT for a variety of anxiety-related problems. Dr. Sayrs is certified by the Linehan Board of Certification and the American Board of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology. Dr. Sayrs is a licensed psychologist in the state of Washington and is also a member of PSYPACT with authority to practice interjurisdictional telepsychology (APIT).