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Client Services Coordinator

Administration, DBT Center


Amber is a Client Services Coordinator.

Amber earned her undergraduate degree in psychology, with a minor in sexuality studies, at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. During her time at UNC, she was an undergraduate research assistant in the Peer Relations Lab, working closely with adolescent study participants. She also worked as a peer counselor with students facing academic probation and started volunteering with the local crisis line.

After graduating, Amber worked the at University of Washington Center for Suicide Prevention and Recovery as the lead outcome assessor and led clinical assessment training for multiple, large clinical trials. She has worked with active duty and recently separated US Army Soldiers and Marines, individuals recently discharged from psychiatric hospitalization, and American Indians/Alaska Natives. Amber was also the the coordinator for the UW Psychiatry DBT Residency Training Program for two years while at UW.

Amber would like to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist using evidence-based practices with diverse groups of individuals. She would ultimately like to practice, teach at a university, and train future clinicians. In her spare time, she volunteers with the local crisis line, practices yoga, enjoys spending time with loved ones, and always has a library book checked out.