Client Services Coordinator

Administration, DBT Center


Amanda is a Client Services Coordinator.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Medical Anthropology & Global Health from the University of Washington.

During her undergraduate studies, Amanda was a research assistant at UW’s Social Identity Lab, where she examined the complexities of social identity (e.g. race, ethnicity, gender) to develop and produce research that highlights the important implications of social psychological science in handling real-world social issues.

Amanda has also spent the last 3 years working with Project HEAL, a non-profit organization that “opens doors to eating disorder treatment for people experiencing systemic, insurance, and financial barriers to healing.” As a Co-Leader of Project HEAL’s Seattle Chapter, Amanda led teams to organize educational and awareness-raising events in the community, as well as fundraise for Project HEAL’s Treatment Access Program to work toward providing access to healing for all people.

Amanda would like to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology, with interests in inclusive and trauma-informed care, eating disorders, emotion dysregulation, existential concerns, embodiment, and interdisciplinary research. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys writing music, doing just-for-fun research on a variety of topics, and spending time outside!