Led by Evelina Miropolsky, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and experienced intuitive eating coach, this program provides guidance through the 10 principles of intuitive eating. It also offers insights on how these principles can be effectively integrated into daily life to foster a balanced relationship with food and the body.

About this group:

The next group will begin in early 2024. Complete our screen to join our waitlist.

This group comprises ten weekly hour-long virtual sessions, each structured to familiarize participants with the philosophy and practice of intuitive eating.

Each session methodically addresses one of the intuitive eating 10 principles, combining evidence-based information with opportunities for personal reflection.

Practical activities facilitate hands-on experience in applying intuitive eating principles.

A discussion segment in each session allows participants to share experiences, challenges, and questions with fellow attendees.

What participants will take away:

A clear understanding of the intuitive eating definition and how it contrasts with dieting.

Strategies to build resilience against the pervasive messages of diet culture.

Practical tips for incorporating intuitive eating into one’s lifestyle.

The opportunity to connect with a community of individuals who are also learning about intuitive eating.

Information on how intuitive eating can positively impact mental and physical health.

A curated list of reputable resources for continued learning and support in the intuitive eating journey.


Please note: This group is designed for individuals ages 16 and up. It is not suitable for anyone with an active eating disorder or in the earliest stages of recovery. While the group provides education and skill-building, it is not a substitute for medical advice or individualized therapy with a healthcare professional.

For those interested in learning more about intuitive eating and how it can be a part of the journey toward a healthier relationship with food, please call 206-374-0109 or schedule a 15-minute consultation:

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