EDC team members to present at state conference!

Members of the Eating Disorder Center treatment team at EBTCS will be presenting this month at the Washington State Co-occurring Disorders Conference (October 15-16, 2018). The purpose of the conference is to bring together local and national experts to share knowledge of innovative approaches to therapy, programs from around the state, and practices and policies in place on a regional and state level with professionals in the fields of behavioral health, developmental disabilities, adult and youth corrections, and physical health. The conference will be held in Yakima, WA at the Yakima Convention Center. http://wacodtx.org/

Below is a list of the staff who will be presenting, as well as the topics they will be speaking about:

  • Angela Celio Doyle, PhD – Eating Disorders: Essential Knowledge for Clinicians
  • Peter Doyle, PhD – DBT Skills to Address Eating Disorders
  • Alexia Spanos, PhD – Psychoeducation for Eating Disorders: What Every Clinician and Client Should Know
  • Briana McElfish, PsyD – Addressing Eating Disorders by Non-Specialists in More Rural Settings
  • Danny O’Rourke, PhD – Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for Anxiety Disorders