Starting Monday, March 7, 2022, we are expanding in-person services at our office! Please read the information below about what this will look like and what procedures clients will need to follow for in-person visits.

Clinician availability for in-person visits will vary by clinician. Please speak to your clinician about whether/when they will be available for in-person visits. Clients who wish to continue with telehealth visits may continue to do so as long as this is clinically indicated (please speak to your clinicians if you have questions). All groups will continue to meet via telehealth for the time being.

If you come to the office for an in-person visit, we will ask you observe the following guidelines for the safety of our staff and those we serve:

  • Only enter the office if you are fully vaccinated or aged 5 or under (please speak to us if you need an exemption).
  • Wear a mask at all times at EBTCS. Unfortunately, eating and drinking will not be allowed as this would require taking off a mask.
  • To avoid crowding in the waiting room:
    • Practice social distancing
    • Only bring necessary people with you to the appointment
    • Do not arrive early or stay after your appointment
    • If there is a crowd, please wait in the hallway or downstairs in the lobby or café on the Plaza Level
  • Please do not come to the EBTCS office if you currently have COVID symptoms or a confirmed active case of COVID.
  • If you come to EBTCS and later discover that you have COVID, please let your clinician know so we can alert anyone who might have been exposed.

Thank you for observing these guidelines! We look forward to seeing you again in person!