The deadline for 2017 postdoctoral fellowship applications was December 2, 2016. Please check back next Fall for information about positions being offered in 2018.

EBTCS has an active postdoctoral training program and offers fellowship positions in the following areas of specialization: dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), adult anxiety disorders, child anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. The availability of specific positions varies from year to year.

The postdoctoral fellowship program EBTCS was developed in 2003 and offers several opportunities for advanced evidence-based psychotherapy training. EBTCS is committed to providing state-of-the-art clinical training, as we believe that high quality training is an essential component of disseminating evidence-based treatments.

All postdoctoral fellowship positions at EBTCS are 2-year appointments (unless otherwise indicated) and include a combination of clinical (18-20 direct service hours per week) and administrative duties (10 hours per week). Fellows receive 2 hours of supervision per week, participate in weekly treatment team meetings, and receive several forms of didactic training. Individuals with a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree are eligible to apply and prior experience with CBT is generally required. The current salary range for postdoctoral fellows is $35,500 – $45,000 ($35,500 when unlicensed and $45,000 once licensed).

For questions or more information about postdoctoral fellowship positions at EBTCS, please contact Travis Osborne, PhD, Director of Training: