DBT and Eating Disorder Centers at EBTCS launch a new program!

DBT and Eating Disorder Centers at EBTCS launch a new program!

Jennifer Sayrs, Ph.D., ABPP


Peter Doyle, Ph.D.


Elizabeth LoTempio, Psy.D.

After working with the treatment developer, Tom Lynch, PhD, the DBT Center and the Eating Disorder Center at EBTCS are launching a new program here at EBTCS! Directors Jennifer Sayrs Ph.D. ABPP and Peter Doyle, Ph.D., along with psychologist Elizabeth LoTempio, Psy.D., are now providing DBT for problems with overcontrol. This is a new form of DBT designed to help individuals who experience difficulties resulting from too much control over their emotions and associated behavior. This treatment has been used in the UK for quite some time but is relatively new to the US. Clients typically experience intense emotion, but have difficulty recognizing the emotion, instead responding with structure, control, social withdrawal, rigidity, and/or perfectionism. Data support this treatment with chronic depression that has not responded to other treatment; Dr. Lynch is also investigating this approach with anorexia and other disorders associated with control. We can help you determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment. It involves individual therapy and a skills training group with new DBT skills aimed specifically at increasing flexibility, openness, and social connectedness. For more information, please see Tom Lynch’s website: Radically Open DBT (RO-DBT).