The next Raising Your Challenging Child Group begins January. Reserve your spot now!

The next Raising Your Challenging Child Group begins January. Reserve your spot now!

Raising Your Challenging Child

A Group based training for children and parents based on the Incredible Years program

Jamila with Dina

The Raising Your Challenging Child group is based on the Incredible Years Program developed by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D. at the University of Washington.  It has been proven to help reduce challenging behaviors in children and increase their social skills.  As part of the program, parents are provided with strategies to manage difficult child behaviors such as whining, yelling, hitting and kicking, talking back, and refusing to follow rules. Children learn skills to manage emotions and get along better with peers and adults within a fun group atmosphere where they can practice what they have learned.  The program has been recommended by the American Psychological Division 12 Task force as a well-established treatment for children with conduct problems.

The Raising Your Challenging Child group is a 12 week program with 2 hour instructional sessions each week. It includes both parent and child components taught by PhD level psychologists so that families can learn together to manage these difficult behaviors. The group structure is an essential tool that allows for children to practice their newly learned skills in the presence of highly specialized coaches as well as their peers. Unlike individual treatment approaches, the group can help kids to practice applying the strategies at key moments. Parents also get the benefit of learning from and alongside of other parents experiencing similar problems.

Session topics for parent program include:

 • Child Directed Play Skills

• How to Praise and Reward

• Effective Limit Setting

• Handling Children’s Misbehavior

• Effective Communication & Problem Solving

• Anger Management & Emotion Regulation

• Promoting Social Skills

 Session topics for children’s group include:

 • How to Do Your Best in School

• Understanding Feelings

• Problem Solving

• Controlling Anger

• How to be Friendly

• How to Talk with Friends

We believe that much of the power of the group lies in the format of learning together, but also recognize that there are individual needs that must be addressed. We offer coaching phone calls for parents between sessions to troubleshoot skills implementation and respond to questions. Your child’s individual goals are specified at the beginning of the program and are uniquely targeted throughout the group. As part of the program, families also get individual consultation time with the parent and child group leaders that they may use in any way that might be most beneficial.

We keep the group small so that we can effectively target the varying needs of all families who participate. Due to these size limitations, the group tends to fill up quickly. The next group will be held in early January 2015. Contact Maria Hanelin, client services coordinator, at 206-374-0109 to reserve your spot or to learn more about the program.