EBTCS maintains a program for developing and supporting other evidence-based practices as part of its mission. There is a clear need for behavioral healthcare consulting. Our consultation and practice management services include consultation and the licensed use of materials developed at EBTCS. These materials consist of client forms, an operations manual, and practice management software. Mental healthcare business consulting is now available.

Areas of consultation include:

  • Organizational consultation
  • Clinical consultation
  • Financial and accounting consultation
  • Information technology
  • Administrative consultation

Micah Adler and EBTCS has partnered with Valant to provide business and practice management coaching – Valant Consulting.  EBTCS has also partnered with Valant to help behavioral healthcare providers find the best solution for their clinical documentation needs. Valant’s clinical documentation system, or Electronic Health Record (EHR), is a fully licensed web-based solution designed specifically for behavioral health care. The Valant EHR Suite includes the following integrated components:

Valant EHR

  • Patient scheduling
  • Clinical documentation
  • Medication management
  • Laboratory management
  • Mental health-specific templates
  • Integrated services (full-service billing, transcription, credentialing, etc.)
  • Office staff and administrator accounts

Valant eBilling

  • Fast charge entry from appointment scheduler
  • Intuitive payment posting tools
  • Patient-specific alerts
  • Paper claims options
  • Real time authorization tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting & statement capabilities
  • Seamless electronic claims submission and tracking
  • Ability to correct denied claims online

Valant ePrescribing

  • Drug/food interaction alerts
  • Complete pre-loaded list of participating pharmacies in your area
  • Ability to titrate dosage (the only eRx software with this capability)
  • Codified (structured) Sig format to eliminate errors
  • Robust reporting options