Eating Disorders Caregiver Workshop

Eating Disorders Caregiver Workshop

Join Dr. Angela Celio Doyle for a workshop at EBTCS:

Caregiver Workshop

Are you a kangaroo, a rhinoceros, or a dolphin?: Understanding your caring style and how to be most effective.

                            Angela (FINAL)

Helping your child recover from an eating disorder is hard. The stress, isolation, and fear associated with this task can lead to significant levels of depression and anxiety. These feelings can impact your relationships with your spouse/partner and other family members and ultimately can make it even more difficult to face the job at-hand. This is a workshop to both provide support to parents who are in the midst of supporting their child with an eating disorder as well as provide skills related to all that needs to be done in the process. Participating parents can attend as a couple or just one parent can attend.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 9-11:00am.

The cost is $100/individual or couple (if two parents are attending together).

Please contact Jessica Jakubiak with any questions at 206-374-0109 ext 4.